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Full Garden Services


As one of South Australia's leading specialist horticultural companies we are proud to announce our expansion into a broader range of garden services! With our newest team leader bringing with him over 10 years of experience in the gardening industry we are excited to provide both current and new clients a wider depth of expert knowledge to assist you with the design, development and maintenance of all the elements in your garden.


Our new services include, but are not limited to:

- Design and plant new garden in new builds

- Redesign and restructure existing gardens
- Lawn installation, mowing and edging

- Lawn coring, scalping, de-thatching, fertilising

- Lawn top soiling, reloaming

- Garden bed soil testing, clay breaking

- Selective Spraying

- Rose Pruning, Tree pruning, Topiary

- Garden bed fertilising and mulching

- Irrigation

- Landscaping


We can even customise an annual, all inclusive service package

to suit your individual gardens requirements.

Contact us today to arrange your free assessment and quote!

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