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Why a Hedge Man Franchise?

Why a Hedge Man Franchise?


You can earn more

The number one reason to choose a Hedge Man franchise over other similar franchises is The Hedge Man makes more money. Most lawn mowing rounds are guaranteeing $1,500 a week, as a Hedge Man franchise you should be making far more then $1,500 a week. Lawns are smaller and take less time meaning you have to mow lots of lawns to make money. Hedges are bigger then lawns, more product to service means more money, it is common to have all day hedge jobs. However the key to being successful in hedging is you have to commit to being the absolute best, never take short cuts and clean up your customer's yard once your finished 210%. There is no room for laziness in this business and if your not willing to put in what it takes then this may not be the opportunity for you. If you want to be the best please read on. 


There is only one Hedge Man franchise available per state/territory. This means you have the exclusive rights to the whole state and this is another reason you will make more money with a Hedge Man franchise. 

Strong branding

The name The Hedge Man stands out from the rest, customers have regularly said over the years that when searching for hedging services on google or yellow pages they have regularly gone straight to The Hedge Man over Jo Blogs hedges as our name describes exactly what we do. 

Proven Systems

The Hedge Man has proven systems, we have done the hard yards we have had great success over the years but also made mistakes, we have under quoted on jobs, not got things right and we have suffered for it. but every time we did we learned from our errors and got better and better. As a Hedge Man franchisee you will receive full training and have access to our Online Learning Center with all kinds of resources to help you succeed and not make the same mistakes we did. 


The Hedge Man offers on the job training before you start your franchise and our training course covers things such as hedge maintenance techniques, hedge and plant identification, bookkeeping, key software and computer systems used, how to quote, how to up-sell, health and safety and most important customer service. And if you ever need to revisit something you have access to our learning center 24/7. 

If you are interested in a Hedge Man franchise we look forward to hearing from you.

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