Here at The Hedge Man we are often asked what sort of hedges should a customer plant.

I have listed some of the most common hedges here for your consideration. 

Leighton Green Pine Hedge

Pine hedges can look fantastic when taken care of but need to be maintained from day one. A trim every six, ten or twelve months is common. Pines can take longer to grow and establish then some other hedge options but it is worth the wait in the end if you like the look of a pine hedge.

The pine hedge pictured is an actual Hedge Man customer. 


Murraya Hedge

This evergreen shrub from south-east Asia grows to around 3m (10′) tall and is often used as a hedge for privacy. Murraya hedges are attractive and have glossy green foliage with dense growth habit gorgeous perfumed white flowers they are  easy to grow long lived.

Murrayas prefer a sunny position in well-drained soil enriched with organic matter. To maintain a murraya hedge prune lightly two to three times a year in spring and summer. Give a final prune in autumn after flowering.

Lilli Pilly Hedge

Lilly pillies make excellent hedges and being a widespread and hardy native plant makes them an ideal hedge choice for Australia. Amongst the many varieties available you will find sizes vary from over 5m tall, some 3-5m tall, to many which are 1-3m tall and even a few which will only grow to approximately 1m, making them ideal for low hedges. In general lilly pillies are fast growing plants which can be expected to reach their mature height in 3- 5 years depending on growing conditions.

Olive Hedge

Olive hedges are ideal for spacious gardens, tolerates dryness and pruning, and offers fantastic screening potential. Olives are quite fast growing; they can be left to bush out or kept manicured by planting them in a row and hedging them. 

lilly pilly hedge.jpg
olive hedge.jpg