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Hedging Ideas


The Hedge Man staff are able to offer our expertise on what type of hedge may be most appropriate to plant and grow at home.

We are also able to source and plant hedges our customers request!

If you are after advice, please contact us today and we will assist you where we can.

Leighton Green Pine 

Pine hedges are a classic. They look wonderful when they have been maintained and manicured from the beginning of their life and consistently throughout. 


Trimming your Pine Hedge every 6, 10, or 12 months is useful in their overall appearance.


This type of hedge can take longer to grow and establish itself, but over time will grow into a beautiful classic looking greenery. 

Pictured is a happy Hedge Man customer after a well needed manicure and trim.


Murraya Hedge

This evergreen shrub is originally from South-East Asia and commonly grown as a hedge to enhance natural privacy.  Murraya hedges are able to grow up to three metres in height.


It grows a glossy green foliage with delicate and sweetly  perfumed white flowers. 

Murraya's prefer a sunny position in well-drained enriched soil with organic matter.

Maintenance is rather easy, with light pruning during the warmer months of Summer and Spring (three times is preferable). In Autumn, after flowering you can give you hedge a final prune for the season. 

Image by Anton Nikolov

Lilly Pilly

Lilly Pilly's are commonly found in South Australia and well loved hedges. Being native they are ideal plants for Australian weather. 

 There are many verities to choose from, growing from one metre up to 5 metres in height.


The Lilly Pilly is fast growing and will reach their mature height between three to five years dependent on their planting conditions.


Olive Hedge

Olive hedges grow beautifully coloured foliage which is ideally grown for spacious gardens. They are able to tolerate dryness and pruning while offering screening potential. 

Olives are a fast growing dense hedge, which is able to be grown into bushes or a more manicured style, dependent on how they have been planted.  


lilly pilly hedge.jpg

Ask us about our garden planning and on-going healthy hedge maintenance and care schedule.

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