Foliage in Focus

This months Foliage in Focus 
Buxus Hedge Plants

Buxus is a group of evergreen plants that contain 70 species which are mainly slow growing except for a few varieties such as Japanese Box. They are popular plants for low formal hedges, due to their small, glossy green leaves and compact growing habit making them easy to shape and maintain. Buxus hedge plants will grow in the toughest of positions and the evergreen foliage provides excellent year-round interest,  making an effective privacy screen or as excellent topiary hedges. Immature Buxus plants may change colour and take on Autumn toning during a very cold Winters. This is quite normal and often relates to very cold nights with bright sunny days, with cold winds also known to cause this bronzing. As Buxus hedges are easy to grow and maintain, if looked after correctly they will last a long time.

Japanese Buxus Foliage Hedge Trimming Trimmer Adelaide
English Buxus Foliage Hedge Trimmer Adelaide The Hedge Man
Korean Buxus Foliage hedge Trimmer Adelaide

Japanese Buxus                                                English Buxus                                                  Korean Buxus

Buxus Plant Sizes:
Plant sizes vary depending on variety, below are some of the most common:

English Box Height: 1.5m, Width: 75cm

Japanese Box Height: 1m, Width: 70cm

Dutch Box Height: 50cm, Width: 50cm

Korean Box Height: 60cm, Width: 40cm

japanese box hedge trimmer

Formal Buxus hedge maintained by The Hedge Man

Climate and Care:
Most Buxus varieties are suited for cool, temperate, arid and mild tropical climates.

They should be watered regularly during growing season, especially during the first Summer after planting. Take care not to over water as they do not like soggy soil. Applying mulch annually will help to retain moisture and suppress weeds. Fertilise with an all purpose, slow release fertilizer in early Spring. 

Time to Plant

You can plant Buxus hedge plants any time and they can grow in almost any soil type, but do prefer humus rich loam. They enjoy being in full sun but will tolerate part shade, with the plant crown at soil level.  For a hedge, plant your Buxus 20-30cm apart, or 15cm apart for dwarf varieties.

Time to Prune

As most hedges, Buxus should be trimmed in late winter or early spring, after the risk of frost has reduced, but before the next spring growth. Keep in mind that Buxus do prefer to be trimmed on cloudy days, to prevent freshly cut leaves and branches from being burned. We recommend a sharp tool is also used to minimize damage. Buxus plants respond well to regular, light pruning to keep dense and in desired shape, depending on how you prefer your hedge to look.

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